DESOLATION-IT-RALPH : The Heartwarming Tale of a Man Out to Prove He is Not Calmly a Scamp
(Aka Wreck it Ralph as summarized by the poorly translated blurb of a torrent site)



President Vanellope Von Schweetz helped end the reign of the Candy King and bring democracy to Sugar Rush… but is she really prepared to make the tough decisions?

Though Vanellope rose from the stigma of false accusations of being a glitch in the system, overcoming great adversity in the process, glitches are still a threat that every arcade cabinet must be prepared for. Improper handling of a glitch can spell game over for an entire cabinet - and is Vanellope prepared to handle the situation should a player character actually glitch in the future?

 Does President Von Schweetz would have the strength as a leader to do what’s best for her game and, put aside her emotional connections to the issue, and potentially be forced to cast the glitched player character into the same exile she had to endure for over fifteen years - for the good of all of Sugar Rush?

Or would Vanellope sooner let her past experiences cloud her better judgement and put her people at risk by taking pity on a glitched racer and letting them race?

Her heart is in the right place - but is that enough?

These decisions may be difficult, but some sacrifices have to be made for the good of the game as a whole. Can Sugar Rush afford a leader whose background may influence their decisions in a way detrimental to the good of the people?

It’s your call.



…So what happens if the power goes out in the middle of the day?

You know every time I read that line in Candlehead’s bio about the whole "Hypnotized by the flame atop her own head, she gets lost in a haze of Happy Birthdays" thing…

You know, know I bet King Candy is the Wreck-it-Ralph world’s equivalent to Shen Long outside the arcade. 

I mean, at some point SOME kid who had played Sugar Rush at Litwalk’s Arcade was having a conversation with his friend who had played the game somewhere else and was all like “My favorite character is King Candy” and the other kid was like

"King Candy? Who the hell is that? You’re making stuff up man"

and the first kid is like “No really, he’s like, the best racer in the game. He’s got a little crown and a big nose and stuff and he’s really fast. “

and the other kid is like “Whatever man, anyway my favorite character is Vanellope.”

and then the first kid is like

"Wait a sec now what are YOU talking about? There’s no ‘Vanellope’ in my arcade’s Sugar Rush."

And next thing you know rumors are spreading that if you complete all of the races in Sugar Rush as Vanellope in first place and use some special item in the last lap of each race and take a shortcut in three tracks in a row during the final circuit or some crazy shit like that Vanellope gets replaced on the character select screen with King Candy. Chances are some game magazine ran a joke article on April Fools’ day with a “guide” to unlocking him at some point. King Candy probably became some sort of gaming urban legend.

Imagine all of the quarters wasted in arcades around the world trying to unlock that asshole.


Here’s a Ralph to wreck your blog


Here’s a Ralph to wreck your blog

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I doodled a sugar rush
Seriously though these designs are adorable

I doodled a sugar rush

Seriously though these designs are adorable

May I step in on the “Did Purge kill Ulala debate?”


On the Japanese Sc5 Part 2 page (found through web archive) they have a playthrough thing up to the final battle with Purge where they tell you to find out what happens for yourself.

Anyways, they confirm that Ulala did die. So yeah. Even if it was for a minute or two, she was still dead.

So if the power of dancing is capable of literally resurrecting the dead, do you think the space government has some regulations on that shit or something?

Like, there has to be some bill in effect to keep someone from abusing that kind of power, even if it’s just a precautionary measure.

I mean if some maniac in a glittering skintight junpsuit can get enough people dancing to power a ballistic weapon, whats to prevent someone out there who’s desperate enough from attempting musical necromancy for nefarious purposes?

or should I say